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Olive Tree Body Care

Tooth Powder

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Why do I love this tooth powder so much? It is comprised of plant and mineral ingredients; and it's fluoride free, which is especially important if you struggle with thyroid issues. Directions: wet toothbrush and tap to remove excess water. Dip just the tips of the bristles into the tooth powder and brush teeth at a 45° angle, focusing on the gum line.

*Bentonite clay - valued for its antibacterial properties; able to bind to and remove unhealthy substances from the teeth and gums.
*Baking soda - a mild alkaline abrasive and deodorizer
*Activated charcoal - whitens teeth
*Calcium Carbonate - provides calcium to strengthen enamel
*Sea Salt - loaded with beneficial minerals for your teeth
*Peppermint Essential Oil - antimicrobial and freshens breath
*Erythritol - has been proven to reduce the amount of bacterial formation associated with dental caries and gingivitis
*Betaine - works synergistically with erythritol to reduce bacteria and inflammation